Be Respsonsive

Be Responsive Melbourne is a community for people of all sectors and
backgrounds who are interested in responsive web.

Our meetups are inclusive and not focused only on the technical side.

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9th September 2014




The Hall, NAB building
Level 3, 700 Bourke St


Simon East

Small Ideas That Make a Big Impact

Simon East

What are the small things that separate the great designers and developers from the rest? If we can spare a few more hours on a project that would deliver a big impact on the quality of the final outcome, what would we do? From simple prototyping to performance testing, I will share the benefits of building these simple ideas into your methodology that will set you apart.

Simon is a versatile multi-faceted developer and architect, Simon currently heads up the technical team at Yump. He is passionate about performance optimisation and creating user-centred interfaces which are simple to use. Away from work he enjoys volunteering to help inspire young people.

Andrew Fisher

Building Droids with JavaScript

Andrew Fisher

JavaScript is finding its way further and further out of the browser. Only a couple of years ago, if someone had said they wanted to build robots only using JS you'd think they were crazy. Having tried it at the time those naysayers were correct - it was a disaster.

Recently, particularly as a result of the nodebots project, JS Robotics has started to come of age and it's now possible to build simple robots using JavaScript for the majority of the stack - everything from control and sensing to motors to lights, AI and computer vision.

This talk will give an overview of what's currently possible, where the current gotchas are, how to get started and have some interactive elements that can be played with during or after the session.

Andrew is a creator & destroyer of things that combine mobile web, ubicomp and lots of data. Sometime programmer, interaction researcher & CTO @ JBA.

Alex Walker

Responsive SVG: Putting the 'S' into Scalable Vector Graphics

Alex Walker

Exporting SVG from an editor is fine, but it gets much more powerful when we take control of the code. Alex looks at graphics that can think for themselves.

Alex build the SitePoint/Learnable frontend and enjoys doing cruel and unusual things to CSS.


Special Event

In September, we are doing a crossover event with Melbourne Geek Night. Melbourne Geek Night is an informal get-together for people who work in the web industry around Melbourne to catch-up, have a yarn, share ideas and talk about new techniques and technologies.

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It's a great time to be working on the Web, but being tucked away in Australia, it sometimes feels as if all the fun, cool, exciting, new, awesome, amazing stuff only happens "over there". Web Directions 2014 changes all that by bringing the people doing the most interesting, innovative and inspirational work on the web today for two big days in October. Grab the Silver Experience at the Classic price by using the promo code BERESPONSIVE.

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