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Be Responsive Melbourne is a community for people of all sectors and
backgrounds who are interested in responsive web.

Our meetups are inclusive and not focused only on the technical side.

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12th August 2014




The Hall, NAB building
Level 3, 700 Bourke St


Peter Wilson

CSS naming conventions

Peter Wilson

Design can benefit from a naming convention. Truly! Just as web development benefited greatly from design, design can learn a thing or two from development.

This talk will take compare several naming conventions and the pros and cons of each. From here, we’ll look how these benefits can be applied from the beginning of a project and assist the design process.

Peter (@pwcc) has been making websites since around 1995. A front-end developer with a love for CSS. Peter has worked on sites for some of the countries largest and smallest businesses. He currently works on enterprise grade contract management software.

Andrew Normand

Responsive Design for Users with Disabilities

Andrew Normand

The hamburger menu is one design element that has made the jump from mobile to desktop. How are users with disabilities responding to these new design patterns? This presentation will look at some of the challenges and opportunities presented by touch screen devices. It also looks at some of the gaps in WCAG 2.0 and how WAI-ARIA can help make mobile content more accessible.

Andrew is the Web Accessibility Program Leader at the University of Melbourne. He employs students with hearing, vision, mobility and cognitive impairments to conduct user experience testing, provide training for IT staff and create a user driven environment for change.


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