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Be Responsive Melbourne is a community for people of all sectors and
backgrounds who are interested in responsive web.

Our meetups are inclusive and not focused only on the technical side.

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10th November 2015




The Hall, NAB building
Level 3, 700 Bourke St


Rhiana Heath

Naming things is hard – fixing diversity is harder

Rhiana Heath

Looking into the complications of making a modal or pop-up accessible for people with disabilities.

Rhiana is a front end developer specialising in making web sites and applications accessible for people with disabilities. Combining her background in educational psychology and a love of computers.

Dan Craddock

Measure the thing: continuous improvement with minimal permission

Dan Craddock

Too often we ask our bosses for permission to do good stuff like user research. I say stuff that – let’s ask our users instead! Continuous improvement doesn’t require a lab (as good as they are), long hours, and least of all, the good graces of the finance team. I’ll show you how a few key metrics and a couple of simple questions of users can provide you with enough insights to not only improve your product, but maybe, just maybe, convince management that this UX stuff is worth real investment.

Dan is digital strategist who has spent the last ten years in government, fighting the good fight for citizen-centred services. Currently, he spends his waking hours being the ‘go to’ for information architecture, content design, usability, accessibility, and analytics, at Consumer Affairs Victoria. He enjoys a love-hate relationship with government; loves being able to make a difference to people’s lives and delivering genuine public value; hates government silos and their pavlovian haste to hire expensive consultants to do work its own people can do better. His current passions are Government as a Platform, building in-house digital capability, and Deep Purple. Dan is living proof of the Gerry McGovern claim that if you love your customer, your organisation will hate you. Well, not all of it, hopefully.


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BuzzConf is a place to meet and network with like-minded people that offers everyone a chance to contribute. It’s more like a festival than a traditional conference, with lots of entertaining activities and opportunities for networking and socialising, and will showcase exceptional talent and industry leading ideas from across the globe. It will be a completely immersive technology festival combining diverse elements, including presentations from thought leaders and innovators, workshops, showcases, trade shows, and more. There will even be entertainment provided for your family if you'd like to bring them too!
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