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8th April 2014




NAB building
Level 3, 700 Bourke St


Joanne Lumsden

The impact of UX and responsive content on search engine rankings.

Joanne Lumsden

Historically, user experience (UX) and SEO have been considered two distinctive disciplines requiring separate approaches - but in the new age of Search, these two disciplines will converge for the good of the user and Google’s value proposition. In 2011, Google introduced the Panda Update to its ranking algorithm, significantly changing the way it judged websites for quality. Initially, it manually rated 1000s of sites, and from this it developed machine learning, an algorithm that mimics the human evaluators. The result was a seismic shift which rearranged over 20% of all of Google's search results, and made every SEO specialist around the world take note – Google’s goal was to appease the user.

Jo is a head conversion specialist at, one of Australia's largest SEO company. As a conversion specialist, web designer, analytics/data specialist and SEO enthusiast Jo has spent the last few years combining her broad knowledge into working with and developing goal orientated solutions for her clients.

In her spare time she enjoys cycling, tinkering with animated CSS and reading up on latest digital trends.

Kelsey Schwenk

Building a responsive government (website)

Kelsey Schwenk

What do you really need from a government's website? And how do you navigate the politics and red tape to make a truly user-focused solution? To find out, we'll be using the newly launched Business Victoria website as a case study of how to do things right. We'll also take a look at a few other websites from governments around the world to see what's working... and what's not.

Kelsey is the Engagement Director at Thick. Her experience spans design research and digital product development, with her specialty in delivering end-to-end customer journeys and solution roadmaps based on user needs. Her previous experience includes customer experience and strategy work at agencies like Huge and Frog Design (in New York) and Flint Interactive (in Melbourne).

For the Q&A, Kelsey will be joined by Matt Sawkill, Thick's Technical Director, to answer more technology-focused questions. Matt has been working almost 20 years as a web developer, digital strategist and creative technologist. Before joining Thick he led the digital team at Trout Creative Thinking.


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